The first question a customer in an automobile damage situation asks is “Will my vehicle be as good as it was before the damage occurred”.  Auto Body repair is a scary experience anywhere but even more scary in Brooklyn.  The … Continue reading

John Senise was rattled by his wife’s accident.  “I am not sure what to do?” said John.  He called Alfaro Motors 241st St Inc Autobody Repair facility in Brooklyn for guidance.  What happened after would settle Mr Senise’s nerves.  AlfaroMotors sent a Flatbed … Continue reading

Interoperability is the operational buzz word for first responders nowadays, but it has been around for many years. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 have brought it to the forefront of public safety agencies leadership and administration. Millions of … Continue reading

Off to See the Wizard Part 1 This article is one of a three part series on building trust with customers.  Part 1 deals with how you can build trust before your customer even arrives at your facility.  Part 2 … Continue reading

We all look into the mirror and see things that we believe must be changed.  To fully evolve with the times, Williamsburgh Brooklyn’s own Alfaro Motors 241 Street inc. must move into the communication/Internet highway . Our newly released Website [By Macro design group] … Continue reading