Autobody Shop in Williamsburgh Brooklyn Sets the Story Straight [Straighten that is!]

The first question a customer in an automobile damage situation asks is “Will my vehicle be as good as it was before the damage occurred”.  Auto Body repair is a scary experience anywhere but even more scary in Brooklyn.  The “horror stories” people hear about auto repair in general is “horrific”,  I am not sure just how Brooklyn got a bad name in auto repair but it does.

The first thing the customer notices is the tone of the voice on the phone or pleasantries of the person they are dealing with in person.  The customer has to feel comfortable that the person they are dealing with has the knowledge to help them.  The customer does not want to know how an Auto Body shop in Brooklyn fixes the vehicles damage.  They just want to be sure that the repaired vehicle will look “LIKE NEW”.

The next thing the customer wants is an explanation of how long the process is going to take.  Even in Brooklyn, an Auto Body Repair shop has to put the customer’s mind at ease.  The Auto repair facility has to give a detailed explanation of the process of how they will reach the finished product stage.

Finally, even in Brooklyn, the Auto Body Facility has to guarantee their work for an extended period of time. This becomes the last thing the customer hears but is just as important as the finished product itself.  The Guarantee must be for an extended period of time [longer than 90 days].  Some Auto Body facilities believes it is OK to give the standard NYS Department of Motor Vehicle 90 day guarantee.  This is not enough to make the customer comfortable that your work will be safe and last longer than this article.

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